Indo Saparella drink, a must try drink when you visit Yogyakarta

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There is a small local restaurant in Yogyakarta, Indonesia named "Bakmi Mbah Gito". Here you can find an authentic menu from Yogyakarta

Last time when I visited Jogja, I had a chance to visit this local restaurant. The restaurant name is “Bakmi Mbah Gito”. In Indonesia, bakmi means noodle, so here you can find the Yogyakarta’s typical noodle which is very popular there.

When I first came into the front door I felt so comfy, they have a mystical atmosphere with traditional ambience, waiters with their traditional clothes welcoming us very well, you can also see all the interiors are made from wood, bamboo and other natural elements, even you can find a big tree in the middle of the room, you will hear the traditional music which will makes you feel that “Oh ya, I am real here in Java”.

You can also find the statue of Mr. Jokowi as a President of Indonesia now, and Mr. SBY as a President of RI before Jokowi. I saw that most of visitors of Bakmi Mbah Gito were family, so if you are going with your family, I guess Bakmi Mbah Gito is a suitable place to eat with them.

The view inside Bakmi Mbah Gito
The view inside Bakmi Mbah Gito

As I already mention before that they had noodle which is very popular from Bakmi Mbah Gito then I decided to ordered it with Indo Saparella (traditional drink). Bakmi Jogja is a traditional noodle from Jogja, the taste not too sweet not too spicy but if you are a spicy lover you still can add chili as you wish (provided on the table). It was good, the taste was excellent, I like it and I even ordered it twice.


Bakmi Jogja Mbah Gito
Bakmi Jogja Mbah Gito

Well, that was a story about the restaurant with their famous noodle. Now, for the Indo Saparella which they recommend me to taste, I never knew what kind of drink did they mean. First, I was worried but then I decided to order it, the taste is so unique like a rootbeer from A&W, so it wasn't that bad. 

Indo Saparella drink
Indo Saparella drink

Indo Saparella is an Indonesian brand, a traditional drink from Jogja. It is 100% halal and healthy, it is also did not contain alcohol and the ingredients are pure from the sarsaparilla plants.

Sarsaparilla  came from word Zarzaparillla. In Spanish, the word “zarza” means bushes while the “parilla” is a small vine. There, sarsaparilla already known in a very long time ago. Same as in the US, Sarsaparilla was popular in the era of 19th century. In Indonesia sarsaparilla became popular since 1960, but now the plants of sarsaparilla are not as much as before, and as the foreign brand became popular then Indo Saparella is now hard to find.


indo saparella sarsaparilla traditional drink yogyakarta Authentic menu Bakmi Mbah Gito

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