Something in the Highlands of Toraja, Indonesia

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Besides natural and cultural attractions that are truly fascinating, Indonesia is also famous by various types of coffee from each region. One of them came from Toraja, the highlands of South Sulawesi.


According to Wikipedia, Indonesia was the fourth-largest producer of coffee in the world in 2014. One of them came from Toraja, one of the ethnics and exotics region in Indonesia.

Probably most of you already known Toraja Coffee for so long or already became a fan of it. But this time I want to share a little story about this land with their authentic coffee in my point of view as one of the person who grew up there.

I am sure that you gonna surprised with every single part of Toraja including the nice hospitality by local residents. They will happily welcoming you when you are there.

Beside of it, you will feel the fresh air of mountain with excellent views, the weather is cold, and the land has a humid and wet location. This type of location is perfect to produce and cultivate coffee beans. That is why coffee beans growns better in Toraja.

You will find the famous authentic coffee came from this land. There are several types of coffee from there, two of them which I want to share here are Arabica and Robusta.

Either Arabica or Robusta, they both has a typical taste and aroma. Arabica is more popular, the taste is more sweet and most people I know were addicted to this variant of coffee. I also heard that people called it “Queen of Coffee” maybe because this variant contains less of caffeine.

Another variant of coffee Toraja is Robusta, this variant is also popular in Toraja especially to people who love strong and harsh taste. Robusta coffee contain less sugar and has a higher level of caffeine than arabica, so I thought people would start to call it “Prince of Coffee”.

(Green Beans and Powder Coffee Toraja)

You will meet coffee in every occasion in Toraja such as in traditional ceremonies, thanksgiving, and of course in every house you visit there. Drinking coffee already became a habit for people in Toraja. They obviously cannot be separated from coffee.

Coffee also very closely related with local culture in Toraja, even it inspires a traditional dance artists from there to create traditional dance which became one of the dance cultures as known “Tari Malattu Kopi”. This traditional dance symbolizes the community when harvesting / picking coffee and often stage before the time of coffee harvest.

Actually, if you want to taste Toraja coffee and you are so far from Toraja, don't worry! You don’t have to go there. In every cafe (most of them), especially in Indonesia from East to West they must had this coffee, but it is really more different if you go to Toraja and try it yourself.

(Barista from Toraja at Ruang Kerja Cafe is making Toraja Coffee for their customer)

So, this is our article about Toraja coffee and I hope this article helps you know more about Toraja with their authentic coffee. I wish after you read this article, you will curious and decided to visit Toraja this time or maybe next holiday to prove it yourself.

Thank you for your time.

Keep reading, guys.



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