Dos and Don'ts for visiting India first time

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Well-prepared trip is suggested!

Hi All !

I am Anisha from Indonesia. I had trip to Jaipur last November 2018 and suprisingly I met around 10 Indonesians  (Most of them around 20 - 23 years old) in Jaipur Airport.

I love to know that Indonesian start visiting India too. Why? Because back to 2014/2015 when i visited India,  I can say that I was the only crazy Indonesian on the plane and I rarely found any Indonesian either in India Airport nor in the city itself.

India becomes very famous nowadays among the Indonesian, well.. probably because of Indonesia Bloggers, Indonesia Youtuber, Indonesia Actress/Actor visited india and share the great pics plus Indian Actors are very popular in our tv shows.

But hold on, India is absolutely amazing country but here are DOs and DON'Ts :


  1. Having local friend is a plus point.
  2. Checking the weather before you arrive, so that you can suit your clothes accordingly.
  3. Prepare travel docs (passport, visa)
  4. Make copies of important documents (visa, passport, hotel voucher, return ticket) just in case you lost your mobile or batt is dead :')
  5. Activate your roaming internet package / renting mobile wifi which have India No. with Internet Package from travel agent is best decision.
  6. Having proper itinerary is neccessary.
  7. Checking the places you would stay is important.
  8. Book everything (hotel, domestic airplane ticket) before the journey from trusted travel web (, or etc)
  9. Do travel with train/IRTC bus if you want to go to the other cities where can be reached by road too and find trusted travel agent book for you. I don't know whether this works if you book by youself because they do need your local ID details or india phone to have account in the apps. Or you can also go to the station but I cant guarantee 100% you will get the seat.
  10. Using METRO as daily transportation is also an option than taxi. It is even cheaper.
  11. Choose tourist friendly hotel and read the review beforehand.
  12. Carrying more money as back up won't hurt. Just in case you get dumb by local who charge you too much.
  13. Giving prior notification to your Bank regarding your travel period so that they will open they access for international transactions.
  14. Do bring small notes of rupees (10/200 rupees notes atleast) for paying taxi, auto and ricksha off. Driver mostly won't have much change.
  15. Choose airport taxi to go to hotel (if any). Best thing ask you hotel to pick you up atleast from airport to hotel, rest you can figure out later once you are in peace at hotel.


  1. Thinking to buy local simcard at airport is not really good idea. Unless you rent tour guide to handle or you have local friend to give you help in this.
  2. Don't exchange money too much, it is not that safe to carry cash in India. I prefer using credit card as the fee is less than money changer rate but yeah keep some cash with you :)
  3. Don't rent car from random place, they will mark up the price and there is big chance they will dumb you like the place you wanted to visit is closed and many more reasons so that they don't need to roam too much even you have paid much.
  4. Especially in Delhi, don't wear too ' eye catching clothes  ' such as hot pants or too much show off your cleavage. Trust me you will not be comfortable to be central of attention and also the way few crazy Delhi guys stare at you is bit unique (you won't really found it in Indonesia) and scary hehehe. I dont really apply this point to all delhi guys. Most of them are nice too :)
  5. Don't try  to be so creative backpacker if you don't have experience in India. Ensure you have booked proper hotel in proper area moreover if you are female.
  6. Don't really go alone at night time.
  7. Don't talk to random people. 
  8. Just be careful and dont apply whatever you watch from movie or you see in blogger picture or videos in general way.
  9. I don't suggest you to give money to any beggar in traffic light stop or anywhere in India. Trust me, you give one. 10 beggars will come after that and block your way. You will end up with crying.
  10. Don't take free street food, last time I got terrible stomachache after that haha.


I hope this helps! Good Luck!




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