A Simple Use Tiny Little Plastic Camera that Brings Nostalgia

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A disposable or single-use camera is a simple box camera meant to be used once. Most use fixed-focus lenses. Some are equipped with an integrated flash unit. (Wikipedia)


Hi… It’s me Gugum Lesmana Sanjaya. How’s it going? Ah, thank you by the way Behind Stories for the writing space. Maybe a couple weeks ago I forgot about that, whatever, my friend told me about this website. after that, I am literally curious about the website called BehindStories.com so I started to have a look by typing BehindStories.com on search engine Tab and the first time I saw this it was like “Ah… that’s great with a simple layout and a handful of articles in it” yes it is such an educative & evocative website. It’s serious…

Alright… ok, because behindstories.com allows you to write everything to educate and give some pieces of information and tips to you, you, yes you, ah to all of you…. So I would like to write something as well as others did. So because of my brother and I love to take a photo with any medium include analog 35mm celluloid film (our last film roll that we got maybe 10 years ago) and digital, I’m gonna talk and “share” about photography which is the medium yes the camera and how hype this kinda thing nowadays.

Film Winder

(Film Winder)

I am literally not own this camera, so are my brother. I am about to do a review. A couple weeks ago my brother bought a Disposable Film Camera he wanted to nostalgia with a film camera, ya Disposable Camera is a single-use small box plastic camera. This thing is very easy to use, lightweight and ergonomic. It comes in a lot of brands, my brother owns a Fujifilm but there are also Kodak, Ilford (with their BW film), Lomo and etc. Like any other analog camera, the camera comes up with their basic feature, lens, viewfinder, film winder, shutter button, and flash. I don’t know exactly this camera has maybe 32/34mm fixed lens with f.9 aperture with 0.8m minimum focus distance and it is a free focus lens so when you are taking on the right distance your subject and object will be in focus.

On the market, Fuji have made Disposable Camera variant with ISO 400, 800 and 1600 (with the 1600 ISO you might have a grainy photo result which is very artsy) and my bro owns the camera with 1600 ISO. All the instructions of the camera aren’t in English, all the instructions in Japanese. See the instructions, that's worth to read.

We’re Done with the specifications and basic features, let’s get into how to use it. It’s very easy and practical to use, there’s no ON/OFF button, on the first time you use it you have to wind the film winder on the back of the camera until it stops which is the camera ready to use. After that, watch your scene on the viewfinder, get your best composition and fire the shutter.

Every time you take a photo you have to wind the film, so it will load for the next shot. Using the flash while shooting is an option, just flick a button on the front to use the flash. I highly suggest that you have to use that when you shooting indoor to avoid the “abstract result” or dark photo result. Yes, the rest of the day with the camera you are a photographer. It becomes a mystery how good the photos are until you develop the film to the camera lab. I bet this camera is good for everyone who wanna started into film photography, ya very easy to use.

(Flash Knob)


I have a handful of the photo results that my brother and I took back in the day but the result I think not good enough for the first time he tried it. Some of them are blown out and quite abstract. The rest, were good I like the color there’s nothing wrong with them, It is typical of the disposable camera, no complain. The 1600 ISO is obviously quite a bit grainy but it’s not really the end of the world, it makes the photo look artsy I swear. For other purposes is actually really good. A cheap camera with a good result.

(Photo 1)


I am greatly worried about when using this camera first is that your finger sits over the lens because the size of the camera, it would come unintentionally but you should aware of this and the second, you unintentionally fire the shutter because the shutter is very sensitive with little touch you can fire the shutter.

The conclusion, the Disposable Camera made for a traveller at first it was made because it’s size and portability. But now the era changes, it is more than that, you can probably use these things every day in every occasion. For me personally, I would definitely bring this camera out to the party where I wouldn’t want to take a normal common camera and it could just be not cool and trashed, I think that it is a really good choice like there’s nothing wrong. I recommend you to invest in point and shoot camera over the disposable camera if you are started to love shooting with 35mm, you will get better results.

(Photo 2)


(Photo 3)


(Photo 4)


(Photo 5)


So that's all I got, my first story related to my hobby. again, thank you for space to all the people in behindstories.com


With lots of love and Gratitude

35mm photography analog camera quick snap disposable camera

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