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It is a common for a couple to have Long Distance Relationship (LDR). Truth to be told, who wants to have LDR? The answer is none. No body wants to be apart from their loved ones. But sometimes some circumstances force you to be staying far away from the one you love. Be it because for study, work, business or wherever life take you.

So, if you have to face a LDR situation, here are some things to consider to make your LDR work:

1. Trust

Trust is a must. Even if you are not in LDR, you must trust the one you love. Trust your partner that he/she won’t do anything to hurt your relationship. This is also applicable for you. You need to keep her/his trust in you. So, trusting each other is the key.

2. Communication

Maintain a good and healthy conversation with your partner. At least, you should give your partner an update about yourself, at least once a day. Tell her/him about your day. Update about what’s going on in your life. So, even if you guys are apart, but still knowing about each other life just like when you were meeting every day.

3. Surprises

Give some surprises to her/him randomly. And this will make the feeling of love is becoming stronger. She/he will feel special. The surprise doesn’t have to be something expensive. You can send something she/he need, e.g. send coffee to her/his office, lunch boxes on her/his busy day, jacket/sweater/umbrella on raining days. We can send and order anything online nowadays, so giving these small surprises is not difficult at all and only takes less effort.

TRUST your partner, COMMUNICATE more often, and give them random SURPRISES. Those 3 points are the most important keys to maintain a healthy Long Distance Relationship.

Good Luck!!


Long Distance Relationship LDR Communication Trust Surprise Keys Relationship

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