Incredibles 2 Passes the Original Film at Worldwide Box Office

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Incredibles 2, the Brad-Bird directed smash hit, has done Disney and Pixar proud by passing the worldwide box office gross of the first installment from 2004

Incredibles 2, the Brad-Bird directed smash hit, has done Disney and Pixar proud by passing the worldwide box office gross of the first installment from 2004. The Incredibles introduced the world to the Parrs, a unique superpowered family in a world where superpowers were frowned upon. It was considered a unique and groundbreaking film for its time, and is one of Pixar's most popular efforts to date.

The sequel - which has an all-star voice cast that includes Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson - deals with the superhero family still working to prove its relevance to society, and unveils a new villain called The Screenslaver, who tries to turn the public against the Parrs. Incredibles 2 has received high marks from both critics and audiences. It has a 93 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, as well as an A+ CinemaScore.

This weekend, Incredibles 2 is listed on Box Office Mojo as having grossed $646.8 million worldwide, easily beating the $633 million total worldwide gross of The Incredibles from 2004. When the film opened on June 15, it scored one of the highest domestic box office openings of 2018 by taking in more than $180 million, making it the fifth-largest superhero movie debut of all time. The only superhero films with higher openings are Avengers: Infinity War, The AvengersBlack Panther, and Age of Ultron. Given that the film is expected to make about $45 million this weekend alone in the United States, one can expect the final stats of Incredibles 2 to be historic.


The Incredibles 2 has been referred to by some as being politically correct, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The film intelligently taps into the discussion about what a family is supposed to be like in 2018, as well as what the roles of women and men are in those families. It does so in a way that isn't preachy or overbearing, and clearly hasn't hurt the financial prospects of Pixar's latest.

The idea of the father being the one who works at home while the mother is the one out engaging in all the action would likely have been seen as offbeat even as recently as 2004. However, with the #MeToo movement coming into play since last year, many women feel empowered, and audiences want to see more empowered female roles on the big screen. Even though director Brad Bird claims that he wasn't intending to make a political statement with the film, The Incredibles 2 remains an important entry into the films of the burgeoning #MeToo era.


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