10 Ways to Recycle Envelopes : Save the Earth!

Do you have lots of used envelopes ? Confused what to do with them? Wait, don’t just throw them away, it only needs a bit of your time to turned all of your used envelopes to be something useful.

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Envelope is indeed useful for everyone. We use envelopes to send letter, to put money, and to give things. But after receiving the letter, mostly we will focus on the things inside and just put the envelopes away. Some will dump it to the dustbin and some will put it in on the corner of the table.

Not many people will use the same or used envelopes to send to someone later. Mostly people will use new envelope for anything they wish to use it for.  By this, we can already see that there will be lots of envelopes on the trash bin especially in the office or in the place which they often works with correspondences, documents, agreements, billing, and others.

The biggest problem and long-term impact which will be affected is our earth. 

Lets take little bit tour about the paper which is the basic materials for envelopes. The paper is made from tree. To make a paper we need a tree. How? By cutting trees, and this earth needs a tree to stabilize the pollution and support other habitats.

So logically, if you use lot of paper, its same as you cut the tree and it means that you stop supporting others habitat to life and you let the pollution disturb this earth. Got what I mean? 😜

I know, everyone is aware "trees", "paper" all of this, at least after reading this, so now lets keep our earth be the place where we can proudly present to our generation. Here are my 2 cents to save our earth. 

BTW, pollution is not the main topic here. Now, I simply want to share how I manage to recycle the used envelopes which I got in my office works. Check this out :


1. Paper Corner Clips

Paper Corner Clips

(Paper Corner Clips - Recycling Envelopes)

As I have a profession which relate to lots of original important documents to the company, I always want to keep every single document safe and neat. Often, we use stapler pins and remove it back forth. If you also do it often, it will notice it damages the original document especially the tip of it. To prevent this to happen, I make this paper corner clips from used envelopes. Simple solution right?


2. Wrap a Gift

Wrapping Gift With Used Envelopes

(Gift Wrapped With a Used Envelope - Recycling Envelopes)

Bought a gift for our loved ones but forgot to buy the wrapping papers? Does it happen to anyone else or it's just me? Anyways, don’t worry, If you landup in similar situation use your old envelopes to wrap the gift.

Take your used envelopes, open it from sides and wrap your gift. You only thing need to consider is keep the outer side of the envelope inside, so that the inside part of the envelope which is plain and there is no writing will be on the outside of the gift wrap.


3. Making a Card

Greeting Card

(Greeting Card - Recycling Envelopes)

A card is same as important as the gift, because it represents what we want to convey to the other person with the gift. So, it is important to give the card which can describe feelings. But most times we either can't find a good card or if we find a really good card, the price is really high.

So, here is what I do for the greeting whenever I want to give someone a present. Using used envelopes to create my own greeting cards is always fun and give a personalized touch. That's the birthday card which I made to my roomate birthday as well as wrapping the gift with the used envelopes.


4. Book Cover

Book Cover from Used Envelopes

(Cover Up a Book With Used Envelopes - Recycling Envelopes)

Back when I was in school, my teachers always used to ask to put the cover for every book to keep them neat and prevent it form getting damaged. Used envelopes can be used to cover books too.


5. Flowers


(Fake Beautiful Flower - Recycling Envelopes)

Lots of flowers made from paper and why don’t we make it from used envelopes? Any kind of flowers like rose, or ribbon to wrap the gift, or bouquet to be put in the vase. Instead of buying fake flowers in the store or buying papers to make the flowers, it's better if we use former envelopes to improve our creativity. BTW a secret - many stores also recycle the used papers and to create them then why dont you :) ? 


6. Keep Something Safe


Keeping Some Things Safely

(Reusable Envelopes)

With the small used envelopes, we can create new cute envelopes to keep somethings safe. Here is the example where I keep my duplicate keys. Take the used envelopes, and cover the part that was written before with post it or with another paper so that it gives new look and new place to write.


7. Notes

Small Note

(Small Note - Recycling Envelopes)

Everybody must have something small to write down. For example “a to do list” note or things to remember. Write small things to give to messenger, or small message that need to put in documents as reminder. Used envelopes, will be perfect for this.

Take your used envelopes, and cut them into any size you want. Then, gather them and put clip above. Or if you are not lazy you can change the clip with some glue, or you can sew them.


8. Make a Small Funnel

Small Disposable Funnel

(Small Disposable Funner - Recycling Envelopes)

Buying spices and some ingredients in bulk are sure cheaper. But it is difficult to use in the kitchen as the packaging is not handful. So, you must transfer some of them to smaller bottle to use in the kitchen. To transfer them into the handier bottle, you may need a funnel to transfer without spilling.

Using the envelopes to make a funnel is definitely a nice idea. Take the used envelope, seal it, cut it in half diagonally, and snip off one corner on each half. Now you have two disposable funnels for pouring spices into your smaller jars.


9. Making bookmarks


(Bookmarks - Recycling Envelopes)

Easy yet very useful. Recycle your used envelopes by making them into handy bookmarks of different sizes styles as per your liking. You can give this to your friends and loves one as a simple present. If you have children, spending time in making bookmarks with them would be fun idea.


10. Label


(Label - Recycling Envelopes)

Put some label to your things. Here for example I put the label for my envelopes. It gives nice look and also easier and faster for me to take the envelopes I need.

Those 10 things is what I normally do to recycle my lots of used envelopes. I hope, it will help you to get some inspiration and open your new idea to at least not just throw and use lots of envelopes. Because, it is important for us as the human who live in this earth to keep this universe save.

Don't foget to let me know when you got some new ideas to recycle envelopes. I would love to try as well.

Happy Recycling !!


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