Chili Sauce Cubed Potato With Chicken Liver and Gizzard (Sambal Goreng Kentang Ati Ampela) Recipe

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An Indonesian food, recipe for the flavors of chili sauce cubed potato with chicken liver and gizzard which refers to togetherness.

Hi food lovers, I am sure that this menu, Sambal Goreng Kentang Ati Ampela (Chili Sauce Cubed Potato with Chicken Liver and Gizzard) is not odd for you especially for Indonesian or people who ever visit Indonesia.

Well, maybe for some of you this menu does sound a bit extreme but for us, Indonesian, it refers to the deliciousness, flavors, and togetherness.

This is one of the common menus in Indonesia. You can find it easily in any kind of Warteg shorts for Warung Tegal, a kind of small restaurant or small place to eat with cheap price. You can also find in any of Indonesian events where they serve Indonesian foods.

Indonesia has many kinds of sambal goreng kentang (chili sauce cubed potato). Each province or family will have a different recipe or a different way to cook. Sometimes, people will also say kentang balado instead of sambal goreng kentang/chili sauce cubed potato. And I would like to share to you all the recipe for Sambal Goreng Kentang Ati Ampela which I learned from my mom.

The main ingredient for this is as you can guess, it is potato and chicken liver and gizzards as the companion. But, don’t worry you can change the liver and gizzards with quail eggs, tofu, chicken, or anything you like. And for you who is vegetarian, you can even remove them as well. And just make vegetarian fried potato sambal (without gizzard and liver).

As  I mention in my others recipes, feel free to be wild and change the companion material as per your taste.

Let’s start cooking !


  • 300 gr potatoes
  • 3 pairs chicken Liver and Gizzard 
  • 200 gr carrot 
  • 2 sheets of bay leaves
  • Lemongrass 1 stick
  • Kaffir lime leaves
  • Mineral water
  • Salt 
  • Sugar
  • Powdered broth
  • Enough oil for frying and sautéing
  • Fried onions for sprinkles

Smoothed Seasoning Material:

  • Chillies and red chillies
  • Red onion 4 cloves
  • 2 cm galangal
  • Garlic
  • Ginger size 2 cm
  • Candlenut
  • Turmeric 
Smoothed Seasoned Materials
smoothed seasoning material to be blend

How to Make:

  • Peel the potatos and carrot skin first, wash thoroughly and cut into boxes or according to taste.
  • Then fry potatoes in hot oil until cooked, remove and drain. Do not fry the carrots.
  • Clean the gizzard ati, then boil with enough water until cooked. 
  • Lift and drain and cut into cubes or according to taste.
  • Meanwhile, blend all the smoothed seasoning material
  • heat a little oil, put the blended smoothed seasoning materials, lemongrass, bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves, and then saute and stir until fragrant.
  • add slices of gizzard, stir. Add slices of carrots, stir.
  • Pour water, stir Add sugar, salt, broth, and stir. Wait till boiled.
  • Put the livers and fried potatoes stir them well.
  • Serve it by sprinkling fried onions on top



Potato Sambal Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela Balado Chicken Liver and Gizards Recipe Indonesian Food

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