Pancar Mountain - A one of a kind getaway into the wilderness, camping and culinary.

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Living in a city juggling between the work and life, from being stuck in traffic to looking up to Friday to hang out with friends, a break to nature is what everyone seeks. We recently tried an adventure trip involving camping and culinary - a one of a kind trip and perfect getaway from the busy city life.

Indonesia has lot to offer from delicious food to beautiful nature. You can easily find a weekend getaway to a beautiful island, beach, mountain or into the wilderness. You can choose from range of activities from adventurous sports to camping and trekking or just site seeing or just chilling on the beautiful beaches.

The adventure trip i am going to tell you today is about camping and culinary trip we went last week. Normally a camping involves a long and tiring journey. Specially if you are not used to camping trips. But thanks to Indonesian nature, we can do camping in the easiest way possible and even if you don’t have any camping equipment, you still can enjoy the camping to the extreme.

Well in our case it all started with my roommate who recently completed her term exams and all excited to give herself a treat for her achievement, a treat that too one of a kind that is refreshing, nearby and not so expensive. After searching for many options, we decided for one that seemed exciting "camping" yeayy....

Next thing was to lock down the location, after looking up many places we finally decided on "Pancar Mountain" for camping. We decided this place as it was only one-hour drive from Jakarta the place we live in.

To give a little bit more detail on Pancar Mountain, it is a mountain located in Citeureup District, Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia. It is located at an altitude of 300-800 m above sea level and tilt up to 15-40%. The highest part is at the peak of Mount Pancar 800 m above sea level. Pancar Mountain can be reach by driving via Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Bogor and Jalan MH. Thamrin for about 60 minutes or more, depends on the current traffic. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Bogor for its picturesque pine forest.

The Mountain is offers you a natural pine forest with a cool air. You will find a hot spring and other activities such as camping, outbound, corporate team building, glamping, hiking, downhill, jogging and horsing. The exotic and romantic scenery of pine forest is usually use for pre-wedding photo shoot or as a place where family and youngster have a quality time with their beloved.

Nearby attractions involve:
1) Bidadari Waterfall
2) Angsana Hill
3) Pelangi Lake

You can find lot more details about place and other neighbourhood activities online.

Back to our trip it was a two-day plan, we involved two more friend of ours in this activity. We started our journey on Saturday around 9:00am, picked our friends on the way. We planned not to have breakfast before leaving, we wanted to try lots of street food in Bogor. As I said before Indonesia has lot to offer, Bogor has so many delicacies you can try.

We reached around 11:00am to Bogor, as we were getting really hungry, we started with exploring some traditional food like Cungkring, Lalu Coffee, meatball soup served with noodle and chops of cow's feet, fried banana and noodle soup called "mie kocok".

Cungkring, Traditional Food, Behind Stories
(Cungkring, Traditional Food - Behind Stories)

Cungkring contains cow’s feet (kikil), lontong, fritters and dressing with peanut sauce and  sprinkled with fried onions. The price for one portion is IDR 7.000,- and IDR 10.000,- for additional cow’s feet. We tried in one of the famous seller “Cungkring Pak Jumat” it is located in Suryakencana Market, Bogor.

Lalu Coffee, Bogor - Behind Stories
(Lalu Coffee, Bogor - Source Google Image)

Right near Cungkring Pak Jumat is a coffee shop named “Lalu Coffee” with IDR 15.000,- for Milk Coffee. It is quite cheap actually, and the taste is fine. The place is good enough to sit and enjoy the coffee and cungkring but sadly they open the door all the time so we can't really feel the Air Conditionaire.

Bakso Kikil, Bogor - Behind Stories
(Bakso Kikil - Meatball, Bogor)

Meatball soup served with noodle and chops of cow's feet. We normally call it “Bakso Kikil”. We don’t like it to eat with noodle, so we skipped the noodle and just order the meatball and kikil. The price is IDR 8.000,- for meatball and IDR 10.000,- for one kikil. It was delicious and you must try this. But be patient as so many people want to buy this as well, so mostly there will be long queue.

Fried Banana "Pisang Goreng Tanduk"
(Fried Banana - Pisang Goreng Tanduk)

Fried Banana or “ Pisang Goreng Tanduk” they called it. IDR 3.000,- per piece. This you can find almost all around Indonesia but sometimes with different flavours.

Noodle Soup - Mie Kocok, Bogor - Behind Stories
(Mie Kocok - Noodle Soup)

Noodle Soup called “Mie Kocok”, a type of culinary from Bandung. It is served with chops of cow's foot and been sprout. The price is IDR 28.000 for one portion and IDR 25.000 for half portion. In Indonesia the term kocok means "shake", and it refers to the method of softening and cooking the noodles by shaking the noodles placed in a handled porous tin container, while being simmered in hot water. The dish uses flat yellow noodles. To add the taste and spiciness, add on sweet soy sauce and sambal.

Exploring food items and trying lot of food we did not realize it was already 3:00pm, we continued our journey to camping site in Pancar Mountain. As we din’t had any camping equipments, we booked our trip with the gears and they already prepare our tent when we arrive the location.

Pancar Mountain Camping Ground, Bogor, Indonesia - Behind Stories
(Camping Ground, Pancar Mountain)

For individuals like us, the price is below:

1) IDR 165.000 each person (with tent) minimum 3 people
2) IDR  95.000 each person (without tent)

Additional price :

1) IDR 25.000,- for electricity
2) IDR 80.000,- for bonfire
3) IDR 50.000,- for one galloon mineral water

Place was really amazing and refreshing. If you are concerned about restrooms and to attend natures call well do not worry because there are lots of arrangements done which were very hygienic too. As there were many females on trip there was one security personal assigned for each tent. You can pretty much say that you are safe. :D

Back to our activities in the camping, as we wanted to have a quality time and relax in the nature. We decided to not to use our cell phones much but as we were so excited we couldn't resist our feeling to take lots of pictures :P

Later for dinner we had barbeque and eating some instant noodles and then we played some charades games. We divided into 2 groups and the loser will have to treat the winner for coffee and some snacks for the day after snacks. But it was really fun we continued to play till 3 in the morning. Then we had a nice sleep

Morning Walk, Pancar Mountain, Bogor, Indonesia - Behind Stories
(Morning walk in our pyjamas)

Morning we woke up early and explored around in our pyjamas. We carried our pajama along for this camping (again out of our excitement)😃. I am glad that we did I love the way it brings the colors in the pictures in the middle of the pine trees (A suggestion you can take :P)

Around 11:00am we checked out from the camping site, as we were hungry again we went to coffee shop to enjoy the next treat in the coffee shop.

And thus our trip in Bogor Pancar Mountain ended with having brunch at Gurih 7, it was really crowded there but for the food it was all worth it. There is Rumah Talas here if you want to buy some snacks to bring home or for your loved ones as souvenirs.

Post that we headed our way back to Jakarta and reached home around 3:00pm.

Well that was our fun and refreshing getaway for the weekend. Let me know any of yours in the comments :)


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