My Journey to India - One Day Trip to Mysore

Mysore is one of the city in India. It is a beautiful place with full of culture and also fresh air. Here you can find heritage from culture, nature, both original and artificial, and also offering religious trip.

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I was travelling to Bangalore, India the very first time, and confuse where to visit as Bangalore is full of city tour mostly but I love to see nature. So, I was searching and found out that Mysore is one of the nearest city to Bangalore and can be reached by train in around 4 hours.

Mysore officially Mysuru, is a city in the state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills about 145.2 km (90 mi) towards the southwest of Bangalore and spread across an area of 152 km2 (59 sq mi). Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the civic administration of the city, which is also the headquarters of the Mysore district and the Mysore division. For more info about Mysore you can see here.

Long-short story, I and my friend went to Mysore on 15 November 2018. Start from Bangalore, Bangalore Station exactly. From there, we took Mysore Express to Mysore Station. The train starts at 4.45am and reach Mysore Station at 8.30am. The train ticket cost us approx Rs. 1000 for two people vice versa.

I suggest you to check the seasson, so you can bring the necessary things. Because on that day it was cold seasson and we didn’t bring any jacket. I have never think that on cold seasson it will be very cold as in the afternoon is having normal weather. So I and my friend felt so damn cold. One jacket is still not enough to cover us in train. So, the weather was like in afternoon it is very hot and in the morning and evening it is very cold. 

After you reach Mysore Station, there will be lots of people offering you taxi, renting car, and also package trip. I suggest you to check in the internet first, about the tarif for one day tour in Mysore. So you can bargain well with them.

That time we took one car with Rs. 1.900 (AC) and Rs. 200 for parking. All are for one day trip including car, driver, and petrol. Normally they will give you list of some places that you can visit there, but they will adjust as per your request.

Once we get inside the car, we were hungry so we asked the driver to go to any place for breakfast. And he drove us to Guru Darshini, Dosa Palace. It serves lot kind of dosa. At first I was like, “what? Dosa? You kidding?” because Dosa means sins in my language, Bahasa Indonesia. So I was feeling like should I eat “Sins”? Wkwk..

It was also still early morning and not much place open (normally restaurant will be open around 11.00am). Then, I think let’s try this. We ordered 2 kind of Dosa (which I don’t understand) just choosing from one of the menu. It’s not bad, but for me not as delicious as my Nasi Goreng. Hehe

Guru Darshini, Dosa Palace

Guru Darshini, Dosa Palace 

After breakfast, we are full and reday to explore what’s there in Mysore. The Driver gave us leaflets while explaining what best places to explore in Mysore. Then we choose few places from what he offered us as we have to came back to the station at 7pm to catch the next train to go back to Bangalore.

Here are the destination places that we visited:

1. Chamundi Hills & View Point

The View from point of View in Chamundi Hills

Heritage place you must visit in Mysore, India. Chamundi hills is one of the prime attractions of Mysore and can be reached by climbing the 1000 steps. Sri Chamundeshwari Temple, Bull or Nandi Temple, and Point of View are few places you can see above there. Click here for more info about Chamundi Hills. 


2. Sand Museum

Sand Museum

The Zodiac Wheel, Sand Museum

When sand meet art, here is one of the unique museum you can find. Stories told through sand with the incredible art that become sculptures. Click here for more info about Sand Museum.  


3. Melody World Wax Museum & Horror World

Melody World Museum

Life size wax statues inside Melody World Wax Museum

Melody World Wax Museum is the result of unwavering hard work of an IT professional named Shreeji Bhaskaran. This incredible work of wax was created in the honour of musicians across the globe. You will see lots of instrumental from all over the world. It also has about 110 life size wax statues. These wax statues and music instruments have been places in different settings of bands and stages. Click here for more info about Melody World Max Museum and Horror World.


4. Karanji Lake 

Karanji Lake and the Boat

Just a leisure walk around the lake also promises to give you a few peaceful moments amidst the beautiful natural setting. Apart from offering a breath-taking scenic beauty, this lake does have a wide range of facilities to keep visitors entertained. For kids, there is a special children's corner. The boating at the lake is quite enjoyable, letting you to experience the refreshing serenity of the lake. Click here for more info about Karanji Lake.


5. Mysuru Palace 

Mysuru Palace

Mysore (Mysuru) Palace 

Mysore Palace or the Mysore Maharaja Palace is located in the heart of the city. Mysore Palace is one of the most visited monuments in India. And its one of the largest palaces in the country, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, was the residence of the Wodeyar Maharaja's of the Mysore state. This is also a mandatory destination to see if you visit Mysore. Click here for more info about Mysuru Palace.  


6. St. Philomena’s Cathedral 

St. Philomena's Cathedral

St. Philomena's Cathedral - Source Google Image

With the fame of being one of the largest churches in India, this majestic church captivates everyone with its architectural excellence. It also boasts of being the second largest church in Asia. Dedicated to Saint Philomena, St. Philomena’s Church is not only known for its architectural beauty and religious significance; it stands as an exemplary of secular viewpoint and the religious harmony which existed in Mysore. This can be seen from the fact that this church was built by Mysore ruler for the European residents in the city. Click here for more info about St. Philomena's Cathedral. 


7. Tipu Sultan Summer Palace (Daria Daulat Bargh)

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Garden View of Daria Daulat Bargh

Built in a.D. 1784, the summer palace of Tipu Sultan is in the Indo-Islamic style, constructed mostly of teak wood. It is situated outside the fort on the bank of river Kaveri. It is rectangular in plan and stands on a raised platform. Open corridors run along its four sides with wooden pillars at the edges of the plinth. White the eastern and western wings have walls, the other two wings have recessed bays with pillars supporting the roof of the upper storey. There are four staircases for the upper storey. The most striking feature of the building is that the entire space on the walls and the roof, pillars, canopies and arches is painted artistically. Click here for more info about Tipu Sultan Summer Palace (Daria Daulat Bargh).


8. Dam / Tipu Sultan Fort

After exploring Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, we were exploring the Tipu Sultan Fort. The area is nearby to the palace. Here, you will see the big fort area, the palace where Tipu Sultan's body was founded, the old praying places on that time, and others history places when Tipu Sultan become a King.


9. Brindavan Garden 

Brindavan Garden

Relaxing in Brindavan Garden

The Brindavan Garden is one of the famous garden in India, in Mysore especially. The area of the garden is really large with lots of big trees, many kinds of flowers and the fountains. The arrangement of flowers and fountains were immaculate and charming. Brindavan gardens with its illuminated fountains, botanical park, extensive varieties of plants and fulfilled boating, is place for everyone. Click here for more info about Brindavan Garden.

Over all, a day tour to Mysore was amazing. I love it. It gives different experiences, an unforgettable moments. We were really enjoying and having fun there. I can say that Mysore is having more fresh air than Bangalore. And the enviroment is more clean than Bangalore. You will find places with so many cultures and history. If you love history, this is one of the good place to visit. Nature, both original and artificial, and religious trip is also best option.


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