Meet the Team

Siti Hasanah

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

Siti is Co-Founder & Chief Editor at Behind Stories. She hails from Jakarta, Indonesia & holds a degree in business communication. She likes to travel, cook, read and watching TV, in her free time you can find her watching TV or reading webtoons. She believes every person has a story to share and there are so many stories which goes untold everyday. Her belief and support from team helped her to co-found Behind Stories.

Pradeep Bhadauria

Co-Founder & CTO

Pradeep is Co-Founder & Leads the Technology at Behind Stories. By profession he is a "Data Scientist" and loves to play with data. But his interest in building applications helped him to create Behind Stories with the team. Beside being a data enthusiast & tech lover, he loves to travel and hangout with his friends. On his lazy days you can find him reading something in his room.

Advencia Prenanda

Author & Editor

Nanda is an Editor at Behindstories. She is very passionate about cooking, likes to listen to music, read news, watch movie. In her free time one can find her cooking/baking something in her kitchen while listening to the music. She loves to listen to stories, help people & share her secret cooking recipe's. That’s why she is one of our most passionate Editor and Author at Behind Stories.